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Simultaneous interpretation is the most faceless and impersonal type of interpreting. With the interpreter most often in a translation booth (sometimes in another room), equipped with microphone and headphones it is the perfect solution for big-scale conferences where a significant part of the audience will not understand the source language.

Simultaneous translation and languages

Unlike consecutive interpretation, simultaneous interpretation offers the possibility to translate into multiple languages at once. Each audience member has his or her own receiver and switches between available translations (and adjusts loudness). With our equipment we are able to place up to 12 translation booths (source + 12 other languages) and a 1000 receivers (Bosch) / 500 receivers (TAIDEN).

Bosch Integrus Translation system

Highest quality equipment

We have invested heavily to offer the highest quality equipment for your conference. TAIDEN and Bosch Integrus are the industry standard when it comes to simultaneous interpretation. Wireless infra-red signals allow delegates to move freely but prevent from signal interception from outside the room. Convenient and secure.


We work closely together with major translation companies, so you don't have to worry about anything. Our translators are experienced and are available also for medical, technical, legal and financial interpretations.

Soundproof Interpretation Booths

Consecutive interpretation

For smaller and medium sized gatherings, where only one target language is requested, consecutive translation might be considered instead of simultaneous interpretation. The interpreter stands beside the speaker and consecutively translates sections of speech into the target language using a microphone and the PA system. This way of translation is much more affordable, since it requires only a PA system, instead of s booths and equipment.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please contact us - we probably have it (or at least are able to arrange it for you).


The Bosch Integrus System is certainly a Mercedes among other translation systems. Completely digital, infra-red, excellent audio quality and user-friendly design. Please contact us for a free quote.

Bosch Integrus

With each month the TAIDEN Language Distribution System is used more frequently at prestigioues meetings around the globe - just to mention the G20 meeting in Mexico (translation into 14 languages), the United Nations Headquaters or the Olympic Games in Beijing.

TAIDEN Language Distribution System

Soundproof translation booths are usually placed in the back of a room. They are lightweight, easy to install, soundproof and provide comfortable conditions for the translators (including air ventilation).

Translation Booths