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We operate also a hire service in Warsaw. Below you will find an excerpt of what we offer. Give us a call or drop us an email if you have specific requirements for your event.

Sound - PA system hire

HK Audio ConTourX 3-6kW RMS power PA system 700 EUR (3kW), 1000 EUR (6kW)
Electro-Voice Tour-X (2x 1122, 2x 1181, Q1212) PA system 220 EUR
JBL EON 315 (pair) 100 EUR
JBL EON 210p (pair including audio mixer) 70 EUR
Obsługa konferencji - Multimedia

Sound - microphone hire

Wireless handheld microphones (Sennheiser) 40 EUR
Wireless headsets or tie clip (Sennheiser) 50 EUR
Wired vocal and instrumental microphones (SM57, SM58, Beta58, Beta52 etc.) 20 EUR
Gooseneck / conference microphones 20 EUR
Rode NT-5 small-diaphragm microphones (pair) 60 EUR
AKG C214 large-diaphragm microphones (pair) 100 EUR
Shoeps CMC 5 Ug with MK4 capsule 200 EUR
Obsługa konferencji - Multimedia

Sound - accesories hire

Yamaha 01v96VCM digital console (12 preamplifiers) 100 EUR
Soundcraft EPM6 analog console (6 preamplifiers) 15 EUR
RME Fireface 400 (2 preamplifiers) 150 EUR

Multimedia hire - Plasma and LCD Screens

Plasma / LCD HD 60" 270 EUR
Plasma / LCD HD 50" 120 EUR
Plasma / LCD HD 42" 90 EUR

Multimedia hire - projectors

Desktop projector 2500 ANSI 50 EUR
Epson event projector 4000 ANSI 120 EUR
Sanyo HD Event projector 8000 ANSI 420 EUR
Obsługa konferencji - Multimedia

Muldimedia hire - projection screens

1,8x1,8m screen 25 EUR
2x2m screen 30 EUR
3x2m screen 100 EUR
5x3m screen (front and rear projection) 170 EUR
LED wall 5x3m (truss, scaler etc. included) from 4200 EUR
LED wall built from modules (any size) Please contact us

Lighting hire

LED Bar 1m 15 EUR
Fresnel / PC 600W (adjustable beam angle) 25 EUR
Dimmer 30 EUR

Other - hire

Stage built from modules 2x1m, any size Please contact us
Stage covered with HIPS Please contact us
Laptops (Win7, MS Office) 50 EUR
Lecturns 40 EUR
Simultaneous interpretation equipment Please contact us
Cameramen with equipment Please contact us
Hazer 1500W (creates a vapour cloud / haze) 40 PLN
Hazer 700W (creates a vapour cloud / haze) 30 PLN
For long-term hire we offer discounts:
Hire period Discount
2 days -10%
3 days -15%
4 days -20%
more than 4 days individual pricing

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please contact us - we probably have it (or at least are able to arrange it for you) - the above is only a sample of our stock.