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Our team at AVServices-Warsaw.com specialises in events and conferences. This is what we have been doing for many years and what we are known for in Warsaw. All technical aspects of Your event will be in good hands with us.

Sound - PA systems

From small conference loudspeakers (new JBL EON series) to 6kW line array systems from HK audio - all you need for your event, no matter how big. We provide also all kinds of wireless microphones (handheld, headsets, lavalier), digital and analog audio mixers, concert microphones and accesories.

Lighting and Stage

Stage and effect lights are commonly used elements of indoor events.
- PC / Fresnel (600/1200W) conventional lights are used for washing conference and awards stages. With adjustable beam they are perfect for highlighting lecterns or other areas of interest. Barn dors help to shape the beam and avoid splilling onto, e.g., projection screens.
- LED PAR (64/56) and LED bars are mainly used to fill a room with some color and highlighting its walls. Also used on stages (e.g. during live music events).
- Hazers produce a vapour cloud (or haze) which makes light beams stand out for a greater effect.

EBEC opening gala at Warsaw University of Technology

- Stages are built from 2x1m modules, which make it possible to build whatever size needed, including catwalks. Their height is also adjustable from 10 to 80 cm. They are carpeted or covered with HIPS creating a very elegant effect.

EBEC opening gala at Warsaw University of Technology


- Projectors up to 8000 ANSI lumen HD
- Projection screens up to 5x3m (front and rear projection)
- LED screens/walls for outdoor events, build from modules (recommended size from 5x3m upwards)
- Plasma screens on stands: 42, 50 and 60in
- Cameramen, including filming live to screen

Didn't find what you were looking for? Please contact us - we probably have it (or at least are able to arrange it for you).


The HK Audio ConTour Array system is a highly scalable solution - it might work as 3kW RMS system for small events, through 6kW for larger venues, ending with 12kW for major indoor events and outdoor applications up to an audience of 2000.

HK Audio ConTour Array

Electro Voice Tour-X is probably our most often used PA system solution - affordable, powerful (2kW RMS) and brilliant sounding. Works for both indoor and outdoor and amazes with its sound quality within its price range.

It consists of two subwoofers TX1181 (with 18in speakers) and two full range loudspeakers, each with 500W RMS power.

EV Tour-X

Plasma screens od aesthetic stands - from 42 to 60in. Commonly used to display metting agenda or live streams from our cameras. For bigger screens we recommend LED walls and bright projectors.

Plasma and LCD Screens on stands