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We have worked for many prestigious and demanding clients, including the Canadian Embassy, University of Warsaw, Warsaw University of Technology, History Meeting House, Wola district of Capital City of Warsaw, Media Markt, PKP (Polish Railways) and others.

Below you will find some event solutions we acomplished for our clients.

University of Warsaw - Gradution 2013 (University Library)

Warsaw University of Technology - EBEC Opening


The impressive interior of Warsaw's best known University was the meeting place for this years graduation of the Faculty of Journalism and Political Studies (FJPS). Apart from typical conference equipment (wireless handheld microphones, gooseneck microphones, small stage, lectern) the organisers cared most about the natural (and loud-enough) sound of the Academic Choir. As solution we proposed a ORTF microphone system built from two small-diaphragm condenser microphones. In connection with our digital mixing desk and Electro Voice Tour-X we were able to create a very coherent and natural sounding stereo image.


ORTF Microphone system




The EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) took this year place in Warsaw, at Warsaw University of Technology. The opening ceremony was carefully planned - because of its sublime nature AVServices-Warsaw proposed a white high gloss stage (made from HIPS) and a white backcloth on a truss construction (9x3m). Before the event, we designed a virtual model of the placement of the elements. As you can see below, it turned out very accurate (click to enlarge).

Virtual vs real